Standard Precision Electronics
Send Repairs to:

Standard Precision Electronics
10325 Wadsworth Blvd.
Broomfield, CO 80021
Control Unit should be sent with charger for complete
evaluation.  Include any items you wish to have checked,
i.e. Probes & cords.
There is no charge for evaluation other than shipping.  
Normal repairs such as re-soldering and transistor
replacement start at $95.00
Battery replacement only is $150.00 and unit must be sent
in for this repair.  No battery packs will be sent out.
Probes can no longer be rebuilt, but occasionally may be
modified to continue use if the central electrode is the
problem, call to discuss 303-794-4069

A couple of quick tips in the field to
determine causes of failure.
If you suspect the control box is not working,
disconnect the probe cord.  Switch to Batt
position, turn power up only until you can
detect movement on the meter.  With a flat
blade screwdriver or similar tool, short
across the two opposing pins on the 3 pin
connector.  The meter should jump up to a
higher reading.  If this does not happen the
problem is probably in the control box.  If it
does jump then plug the probe cord in and
connect the probe.  With a piece of tin foil
held in contact with all the electrodes on the
body of the probe, the meter should again
jump to a higher reading.  If this does not
happen the problem may be either the probe
or cord.  A common problem with the probe
is a corrosion build up on the electrodes.  
They should always be kept shiny with light