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Standard Precision was started in the early '60s by James King. Jim was involved in the early Space Program with the Martin Co in Denver. In a great stretch of the imagination, this could be "Rocket Science."

Larry Ruppel

Hi, I'm Larry, the proud Owner of Standard Precision Electronics.

For the most part, it has been a home business and still is. The company has produced more than 10,000 of these units and distributed them all over the world. I have been associated with Standard Precision for over 30 years as a contract supplier of many components, i.e., cords and probes. In 2005 I took over the repair department of SPE. This gave me insight into the electronic workings of the unit. Late into 2005, Mr. King could no longer continue running the business, and I took over the entire operation in Jan. 2006. Jim passed away in Jan 2007. He will be missed by many of our customers who have talked with him throughout the years.

I have spent the first year organizing inventory and updating some of the transistors. I am now working on getting some of the customers back. Many had experienced delays in shipments and repairs. These problems have been addressed and corrected. Repairs usually are done well within a week turnaround. New units are ready to ship the same day or within a couple of days. We have loaner units on hand to send to those who must keep working while their system is in the shop.

If you have any questions or comments, call me. I am committed to product excellence and reliability at an affordable price.

Larry Ruppel
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